Pluto lessons on spite and not taking it all seriously !

By Stella Vegas On November 27, 2013 Under Astrology, MY DAIRY

My recent most valuable learned lesson through October and November 2013:

To keep on forging forward fearlessly in *despite* of all fears. There are many times when *spite* is highly inappropriate response to life experiences and there are times when we can use *spite* in a creative way to unlock our indestructible core to withstand any adversity. Sometimes life is like a jungle where only fittest survive. Either we take our power in our own hands or something else takes power over us and while we engage in our *mortal combats* it is vital to loosen up our grip a bit and not to be taking life so seriously. Positive, fun infused attitude makes it so much easier to bridge any chasm. I mean it is not like we are going to come out alive from this life anyway, arent we? Its only rock and roll baby 🙂

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