By Stella Vegas On April 8, 2013 Under Astrology

This week it’s all about the New Moon in Aries!

If there’s one lunation you can count on to provide the impetus needed to launch a personal fresh start, this is it. On Wednesday we’ll all experience this opportunity, and it’s certainly not one you should waste.

Over the next two weeks you’ll have an exceptional ability to begin a project or make a personal change that requires courage, independence and a groundbreaking spirit. This New Moon is meant to be “all about you,” so don’t feel ashamed if you find yourself in a more selfish mode than usual now.

It’s OK to be self-directed when there’s a New Moon in Aries. If you weren’t, you would not be harnessing its energy properly! Just remember not to take this passionate energy to such lengths that you act in a rash, impulsive manner.

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