By Stella Vegas On December 28, 2013 Under ♥TRANSFORMATION NOW ♥, Astrology

NEW MOON in JANUARY 2014I am just looking at upcoming New Moon in Capricorn on 1.January 2014 Stellium of four planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto all in Capricorn between 10-13 degrees and tight square with Mars in Libra on 11 degrees and only few degrees from exact aspects from Uranus in Aries on 8 degrees. I gotta vent some constructive drama and intensity here for couple of seconds by saying “MADRE MIA” all this cardinal activity is crying for focused action!!!There is plenty of energy in this mega planetary stellium to tear down all structures which are not anymore useful in your life just remember to keep potential emotional over re-activeness on tight leash, you want to bulldoze from your life only faulty parts which stand in your way.“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” Denis Waitley And Capricorn is all about taking responsibility in your biggest moment of power* IN THE HERE AND  NOW* . Yes, perhaps mistake where made and time was lost in the past but now is the time to learn from it and move forward and rebuild! This is per excellence planetary cocktail to fresh kick start your New Year with new empowering attitudes and goals. Grab the pen and write down all which you ferociously want to transform once and for all and then pick and focus on few most important ones. As I am finishing this writing I am filling my Little New Year Jar too, my first focused word is *powerful action* and I am seeing it happen!!!

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Wishing you all wonderful and peaceful holidays and happy & prosperous 2014 

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