Transformational Life Coaching

~♥  What Can Transformational Breakthrough Life Coaching DO for YOU ♥~

Everyone wants a happy, successful   and  fulfilling life yet sometimes we  don’t know how to make this happen or we get stuck at some points in our life and find hard to move successfully forward.

You are going to be pleasantly surprised when you discover how much can Transformational  Breakthrough Life Coaching do for you.

In today’s busy world time is of essence, not only because time equals money but much more because time equals your life. You can never return time spend in indecision or lack of pro-active approach.

This is why I believe, today you will seize this powerful moment and the very fact that you took time to read about Transformational Breakthrough means you are ready to take powerful steps towards the life you always desired and turn a new, exciting page.

 Being ready to leave behind and let go of  the negativity that has been holding you down  in your life  up til recently  you are truly in the right place at the right time. The place where you are at this very moment and exciting destination where you would  ideally like to be is closer than you might  think. With Transformational  Breakthrough Life Coaching on your side  you can begin to rapidly shit your experience of life  and uncover and connect to the  supreme potential that has been residing inside you all along and so much more. Below are some examples  where Transformational Life Coaching gives its BEST so you can own HAPPINESS, SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT in any area of your life you desire.


Do you currently experience… Would you like to experience…
Low Self-Esteem
Unhealthy Relationships
Lack of Motivation
Spinning Thoughts in your Mind
Lack of Fulfillment or Purpose
Dissatisfaction in your Career
Feeling out of Control
Feeling Blocked or Stuck
Living in the Past and/or Future
Feeling Lost or Directionless
Feeling Relaxed and at Ease
Joy and Enthusiasm for Life
Feeling Safe and Secure
a Strong Inner Confidence
Loving and Supportive Relationships
an Addiction Free Life
Motivation & Inspiration
a Quiet Mind
a Fulfilling Purposeful Life
Love and Passion for your “Right” Career
Healthy Control of your Life
Flow and Ease in your Life
Living in the Present
Clarity and Direction

Get Ferociously Curious About  How Transformational Breakthrough Life Coaching Creates Results and How You Can Get It Started Now!


My life has never been the same since first being exposed to these tools and my greatest hope is that you discover that the same holds true for you. There where times in my life when I felt I was “STUCK” and  through my lifetime I have undergo over and over profound changes:  from being deeply depressed and joyless I have permanently shifted into being invigorated and enthusiastic, from anxiety attacks and anxieties about tomorrow, I came to a place of permanent  inner peace, from  resignation and procrastination  I shifted into permanent motivation and warrior resilience, I have discovered my new passions and talents. There is nothing in the caterpillar to tell you that it is going to become a beautiful butterfly , such is the miracle of  transformation.If you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything, the ripple effect of transformation is ongoing. This  journey of self-discovery we all are on is ongoing exciting adventure.

Just reflect now for a moment and think about what are the things you know you absolutely must change in your life   and what are the potential  consequences which will inevitably come if you don’t?

You may already be aware of how Transformational Life Coaching will enable you to successfully resolve your challenges you are facing at the present and how it will empower you to create more of what you really desire in your life. Transformational Breakthrough Coaching is unlike therapy in that it does not focus on examining   nor diagnosing the past excessively, instead coaching focuses on effecting change in a client’s current and future behaviour.  Although there is an intellectual aspect to understanding your life, transformational breakthrough coaching goes beyond the intellectual and provides an experiential process that brings insights, awareness and the letting go of negative emotional energy and beliefs & attitudes which  no longer serve you for your greatest good.

In a moment I will reveal few  core strategies which make  Transformational Breakthrough Life Coaching exceptionally successful ! 

My own amazing journey in self transformation, empowerment & excellence and helping others do the same has taught me whether you want to just improve your life or make major changes, the “magic” key lies in becoming aware of our limiting subconscious patterns, dissolving their energy , expanding our awareness and focusing on what we desire, then the change you desire happens easily and quickly.
We are all unique, composed of many different parts and for coaching to have depth and powerful transformationl impact it is exceptionally beneficial for a dating coach to have a fast access at the glance to in depth understanding of your whole personality and bigger picture of your life. Because 99% of life coaches require considerably more time to get to the heart of the matter and can see only partially your personality and your life, this is why it is being said ” The astrologers are the best life coaches around”. In the first part I get to the heart of the matter quickly and I quickly find the key elements in your patterns in the past, present and future which are of biggest importance for your successful progress and as result you will experience instant expanding of your self-understanding, your choices and powerful empowerment!

In a second part I take you on an inner journey of self-discovery, awareness and transformation while utilizing empowering processes which help you release limiting beliefs, fears, attitudes and negative emotions from the past that had been keeping you bound to a life which is not in alignment with who you truly are. I will share with you cutting edge tools and spiritual technologies that will help you tap into your inner resources so that you can finally start creating the life you know in your heart you came here to live. With my intuitive abilities and gentle yet firm presence, I guide you to achieve a life abundant with meaning, purpose and true, lasting happiness you truly deserve!

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.”
~ Robin Sharma



In the same way as with my astrology consultations I am aiming  at delivering high value quality coaching  where your incredible breakthroughs  are my massive priority.  Trasformational Breakthrough Coaching is  available only as coaching package of 5 or 10 sessions depending on your needs so that you can successfully build your momentum, unleash your potential  and benefit most from your  transformational  process. Investment on your side is above all your strong commitment  and it will be maybe hard for you to believe how affordable it is right now. I am delivering high quality coaching at the fraction of an usual investment and you will hardly   find someone else who can beat this. Our each session is up t0 2 hours which works out at 75 euro per session and most other coaches charge much more for  only one hour of coaching and 60 min fly’s away very quick. Your investment for  five sessions set works out at 375 euro and 10 sessions at 675 euro. Before you decide about this being best investment for you please send me an e-mail to stella_star@live.com and I will add one more important piece, in one hour free  live conversation  I will asses  “what  you are looking to achieve  from coaching with me” and you can decide if we are the best  playing duo to help you flourish on your exciting  life journey. Coaching sessions are  by phone or skype or if you live near county Louth in Ireland I can see you in person. Make sure to check out below my numerous life coaching testimonials. It is really easy to make your first move towards more fulfilling life, to  arrange your first free session, …..just  drop me an e-mail to:  stella_star@live.com  

I am looking forward to connect with you soon  and remember you are your own BEST ASSET and your HAPPINESS  MATERS NOW !!!!!  ‎








This success story will always stay in my memory because I have just freshly walked out of the live training as transformational coach in 2009 and one week later Garold, 19 years old  has asked me to help him with the issue which was spread and had negatively affected  his whole life!  Here is his experience:”  Basically I was very unhappy about unpleasant nick name I was given by my peers and then soon almost everybody who knew me in town started calling me like that. Over the period of 3 years, the whole mater around this and my identity has escalated out of control and I was very depressed, my his social life was in bits, I had no positive outlook on the future and I have accumulated over 10 000 euro of debt caused by compulsive calling of different psychic phone lines hoping that this will somehow solve my problem. I have done set of 5 sessions with Stella and immediately so much has changed for me for the better . My confidence has rapidly grown and I simply drooped  paying attention how people where calling me  and everything in my life has improved. Over the past year since our work together I was primarily focused on my short term work goals and I have achieved most of those.

Garold, Cavan, Ireland


“For most of my life I’ve suffered from chronic anxiety which is a negative way of thinking and is fear driven… it was really coaching and this process that really helped me to understand that the fear isn’t going to hurt me, it’s not going to destroy me, it’s not going to do anything and it’s okay for me to step into it. A lot of these fears that I’ve had, I’ve been able to use this process to really step into them and have the trust that I’m going to come out okay on the other end… The guidance, the clarity and the objectivity is priceless, you can’t put a pricetag on that!” I was  suffering from acute anxiety attacks in the morning when I would stay alone in the house. We have done 5 sessions and she has just emailed me to say that she is so much better now and doesn’t even think about it anymore!

Mary, Drogheda, Irealnd


“Since coaching with Stella, my life has changed dramatically as a result of me looking at myself and changing ME. It’s never easy to look at and work through your inner demons, but what Stella does is she makes it safe. I have discovered things about myself and patterns of behavior that I had absolutely NO idea I was carrying.She has helped me clear those patterns and let go of the negative stuff, and my life has gradually gotten happier and easier. Things have started flowing for me in ways that I never imagined, and I’m finally starting to feel the personal freedom I’ve always longed for, but didn’t know how to get because I was in my OWN way! My relationships with my husband and family have been transformed, my carrer has opened up, and most importantly, I know that now I have the tools to be happy no matter what happens in my life.”

Carol-Ann, Dublin, Irealnd

More updates coming very soon!!!!