Illuminating New Moon in Pisces on 1.March 2014

By Stella Vegas On February 25, 2014 Under Astrology, MY DAIRY


After intense week of soul surfing I am on my tippy toes delightful looking forward to merge with illuminating New Moon in Pisces on Saturday 1.March 2014 and after quite some challenging planetary roller-coaster rides in Jan and February I believe we all cant wait for a piece of heavenly tranquility and contentment. This New Moon is like a soul balm where we will have brilliant, easy going opportunity to plant nourishing seeds of new empowering habits and unconditional self-love.  What makes me especially in love with this New Moon is exact trine with Jupiter in Cancer on 10 degrees. This multiplies abundant, expansive healing energy x 10, prepare your cups to be overflowing with bliss and expanded consciousness,  especially If you have been working diligently over the past weeks on cleansing your soul from all which hindered your magnificence. This New Moon is also very generous and brings opportunities and favors being “lucky” in the matters of the heart and money.

For me this lunation  completes big water trine with my natal Uranus in Scorpio on 10 degrees in my second house of money & self-value and I have unexpected big fat check on its way in the post. I  am most tempted to book my ticket to Vegas this Friday and push my luck as far as it goes:)  Have your birth charts ready and mark where this New Moon falls for you. We will all feel abundant soul blessings of this lunation, however if you happen to have planets between 9 to 11 degrees in Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio just SMILE  🙂

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