Hades Moon

By Stella Vegas On February 14, 2014 Under Astrology, MY DAIRY

hades moon Nudged by recent sexstile of transiting Pluto to my Moon I felt pull to  revisit remarkable book “Hades Moon” written by Judy Hall. It is an  insightful, must book for anyone born with Moon in aspect to Pluto or  Moon in Scorpio.

Using mythology, archetypal symbolism, and a wealth of case histories, The Hades Moon provides important new material and penetrating insight into the many facets of this major, transformative contact between the intimate and emotional Moon and the remote, deeply enigmatic Pluto. The story of Pluto-Moon contacts is the eternal saga of birth, death, and rebirth; abandonment and rejection; karma, transformation, and new life. No other planetary contact has such a depth of trauma, compulsion, and alienation. No other aspect has quite the same metamorphic and healing potential. Judy Hall explains why Pluto-Moon aspects are so important, and gives a description of the Hades Moon through the signs. She explores the Pluto cycle, Pluto from incarnation to initiation, Pluto in the Houses, and Pluto transits and the Hades Moon. She delves into the emotional issues of alienation, abandonment, rejection, and adoption. She also explores the archetype of the dark mother and shows how to trace enmeshed family patterns. Throughout the book, Hall offers information about flower essences and other techniques that can help people handle Hades Moon energy.

I have Pluto on Asc in exact inconjuct (150 degrees)  with Moon in Pisces and I bought this book 13 years ago when I was  trying to make some sense out of daunting nightmares I was going  through. In 2000 when transiting Pluto has for the first time swept  across my Neptune(3-th house) and squared my Moon and Mars in  Pisces( 6-th house). It was one the best things which could of happen to    me and it was also “necessity” which has altered my life forever, but as you can imagine in a good Pluto fashion, Pluto made sure in those 3 years no stone was left unturned and I was so heavenly unaware of what sort of chain events and experiences I was about to met. Back then I have just started self-employment and at first everything was going fine until I was swept with strong unexplainable anxieties which where lasting for about 6 months, in following year I moved countries(which was one of the best things I ever did), I got married, I had to face my acute pregnancy phobia and I opened up my family Pandora’s box, which took ages to clear out. As at the same time Pluto was transiting my Neptun in the 3-th house my mind has received very beneficial long lasting deep massage and my interest in astrology, psychology and spirituality has blossomed.

For this new cycle of Pluto-Moon transit I am expecting it to be easier to handle as it’s a sexstile but then at the same time its bashing my Venus-Pluto opposition across my asc-des axis already for a year and another year is remaining. Only conclusion I can come to is: “Lord of underworld  loves  me”. 🙂 Apart from Hades Moon, there are few other great reading resources on Pluto in birth chart: Healing Pluto problems by Donna Cunningham and Pluto by transit: Bill Tierney has a great Pluto book  Alive and Well with Pluto and there is a great section on Pluto transits in Howard Sasports book Gods of Change.

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