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Today transiting Sun(awarenesses) in Aries is in my 7th house of relating and opposing my Pluto(power) and I had peculiar dream about getting into an argument with my partner and then hitting him and apologising so many times afterwards. While this is something which has happened only ever in my dream, our dreams are great window to our unconscious and this resonates a lot with my childhood where I grew up in the family where my father was regularly hitting my mother, even while she was pregnant, whenever he would get overly angry and jealous. Needless to say I despised and hated every bone in his body. Our dreams are great window into our unconscious and recently other minor but significant events have piled up too which powerfully highlight these themes.I grew up terrified of others people anger and I was thought that my own rage which I felt as young child was bad and nobody will love me and through my parents relationship I learned wrongly that love equals pain.

HEALING AND SELF ACCEPTANCE In my dream roles where reversed from how it was in my childhood and it was so with the good reason, for very often the part of personality which we found hard to accept in our parent or any other important person in our life, perhaps because they where not managing this part of them in a balanced way, on a deeper level it is also a vital part which exists in our own being and which we have forgotten about and abandoned thorough the course of living. By becoming aware of this part in ourselves we have opportunity to bring our wounded feelings in connection with this part to light and by accepting and loving ourselves unconditional new powerful empowerment and balanced expression of our personality springs forward. In the process of healing, forgiveness and reclaiming our own light, it is important to understand that while on the surface of life situations and experiences it seems that major conflict is going on between ourselves and “other person”, the real conflict is actually happening in the depths of our own being between our parts which we have disowned and abandoned.

It is not a matter of forgiveness. If the other person has treated you badly, then it is important to leave the responsibility for that with them, and let them take the consequences. This process is something just for you – to allow you to let go of this situation that has been hanging over you, and get on with your life feeling lighter and unburdened.The process is for anyone you are holding grudges against, or judgements about. It may be someone alive or dead, someone present in your life or from the past, someone in your family or someone from your work. It doesn’t matter – as long as we carry grudge against someone, that person goes on haunting us in a way – we give them power over us. We are not free. This process is about cleaning up our lives and becoming free of these burdens. >>You can read full article on this by following this link http://www.lifetrainings.com/Healing-the-Heart.html

There are several ways to do this vital process, it can be done in a simple way by yourself by writing a letter to a person or it is possible to find a therapist who understands and knows how to do this process together with you. Recently I found excellent you tube link for hypnotic process for Releasing Anger and Resentment with Guided Forgivenesshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj4KiLN3H Also my friend has recently pointed out to very good traditional Hawaiian prayer which helps to clear negative memories. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybtW2VrmwJs

TRANSITING SUN – The journey of transiting Sun around the birth chart is always revealing, transits last for only for a day but if you pay attention to experiences on the day when transiting Sun conjuncts or opposes your natal planets you can get prime insights about what needs your attention in connection with the planet which transiting Sun is illuminating.
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“No blame, no reasoning, no argument, just understanding. If you understand, and you show that you understand, you can love, and the situation will change.” ~ Thích Nhất Hạnh

RAINBOW OBSIDIAN CRYSTAL: Is black Obsidan that, when polished and exposed to a strong light source, reveals bands of red, blue, gold or green shades which seem to correspond to layers of molten lava that cooled at different rates or times. Rainbow Obsidain helps one take the down-ward journey to unexpected light and assists in recovery from emotional wounds.

Rainbow Obsidian

Illuminating New Moon in Pisces on 1.March 2014

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After intense week of soul surfing I am on my tippy toes delightful looking forward to merge with illuminating New Moon in Pisces on Saturday 1.March 2014 and after quite some challenging planetary roller-coaster rides in Jan and February I believe we all cant wait for a piece of heavenly tranquility and contentment. This New Moon is like a soul balm where we will have brilliant, easy going opportunity to plant nourishing seeds of new empowering habits and unconditional self-love.  What makes me especially in love with this New Moon is exact trine with Jupiter in Cancer on 10 degrees. This multiplies abundant, expansive healing energy x 10, prepare your cups to be overflowing with bliss and expanded consciousness,  especially If you have been working diligently over the past weeks on cleansing your soul from all which hindered your magnificence. This New Moon is also very generous and brings opportunities and favors being “lucky” in the matters of the heart and money.

For me this lunation  completes big water trine with my natal Uranus in Scorpio on 10 degrees in my second house of money & self-value and I have unexpected big fat check on its way in the post. I  am most tempted to book my ticket to Vegas this Friday and push my luck as far as it goes:)  Have your birth charts ready and mark where this New Moon falls for you. We will all feel abundant soul blessings of this lunation, however if you happen to have planets between 9 to 11 degrees in Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio just SMILE  🙂

Hades Moon

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hades moon Nudged by recent sexstile of transiting Pluto to my Moon I felt pull to  revisit remarkable book “Hades Moon” written by Judy Hall. It is an  insightful, must book for anyone born with Moon in aspect to Pluto or  Moon in Scorpio.

Using mythology, archetypal symbolism, and a wealth of case histories, The Hades Moon provides important new material and penetrating insight into the many facets of this major, transformative contact between the intimate and emotional Moon and the remote, deeply enigmatic Pluto. The story of Pluto-Moon contacts is the eternal saga of birth, death, and rebirth; abandonment and rejection; karma, transformation, and new life. No other planetary contact has such a depth of trauma, compulsion, and alienation. No other aspect has quite the same metamorphic and healing potential. Judy Hall explains why Pluto-Moon aspects are so important, and gives a description of the Hades Moon through the signs. She explores the Pluto cycle, Pluto from incarnation to initiation, Pluto in the Houses, and Pluto transits and the Hades Moon. She delves into the emotional issues of alienation, abandonment, rejection, and adoption. She also explores the archetype of the dark mother and shows how to trace enmeshed family patterns. Throughout the book, Hall offers information about flower essences and other techniques that can help people handle Hades Moon energy.

I have Pluto on Asc in exact inconjuct (150 degrees)  with Moon in Pisces and I bought this book 13 years ago when I was  trying to make some sense out of daunting nightmares I was going  through. In 2000 when transiting Pluto has for the first time swept  across my Neptune(3-th house) and squared my Moon and Mars in  Pisces( 6-th house). It was one the best things which could of happen to    me and it was also “necessity” which has altered my life forever, but as you can imagine in a good Pluto fashion, Pluto made sure in those 3 years no stone was left unturned and I was so heavenly unaware of what sort of chain events and experiences I was about to met. Back then I have just started self-employment and at first everything was going fine until I was swept with strong unexplainable anxieties which where lasting for about 6 months, in following year I moved countries(which was one of the best things I ever did), I got married, I had to face my acute pregnancy phobia and I opened up my family Pandora’s box, which took ages to clear out. As at the same time Pluto was transiting my Neptun in the 3-th house my mind has received very beneficial long lasting deep massage and my interest in astrology, psychology and spirituality has blossomed.

For this new cycle of Pluto-Moon transit I am expecting it to be easier to handle as it’s a sexstile but then at the same time its bashing my Venus-Pluto opposition across my asc-des axis already for a year and another year is remaining. Only conclusion I can come to is: “Lord of underworld  loves  me”. 🙂 Apart from Hades Moon, there are few other great reading resources on Pluto in birth chart: Healing Pluto problems by Donna Cunningham and Pluto by transit: Bill Tierney has a great Pluto book  Alive and Well with Pluto and there is a great section on Pluto transits in Howard Sasports book Gods of Change.

Pluto lessons on spite and not taking it all seriously !

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My recent most valuable learned lesson through October and November 2013:

To keep on forging forward fearlessly in *despite* of all fears. There are many times when *spite* is highly inappropriate response to life experiences and there are times when we can use *spite* in a creative way to unlock our indestructible core to withstand any adversity. Sometimes life is like a jungle where only fittest survive. Either we take our power in our own hands or something else takes power over us and while we engage in our *mortal combats* it is vital to loosen up our grip a bit and not to be taking life so seriously. Positive, fun infused attitude makes it so much easier to bridge any chasm. I mean it is not like we are going to come out alive from this life anyway, arent we? Its only rock and roll baby 🙂

Sober realities of transiting Saturn in Scorpio!

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Transiting Saturn has entered the sign of Scorpio on October 5, 2012 and I am revisiting the meaning of this planetary position as recently at  the start of November 2013  transiting Saturn in Scorpio has crossed once more over my second house cusp and inconjucted(150 degrees)  my Venus in Aries while  stationary Mercury in Scorpio has opposed my (Chiron in Taurus). It plunged me  into Scorpion realms, where it’s not possible to stay above it all, with situations “in theory but with a core theme of transforming what’s toxic and ineffective. Indeed it felt like huge  soul de-tox in my area of self esteem and my values and  to be purging from addictive attachments was hell of a job.  After all havoc was done and dusted in a week, it was followed by distinctive soberness and sense of strength, which I don’t recall  having experienced ever before. There is no place for blame and there is a lot of wisdom in following from Kahlil Gilbran: “Much of your pain is self-chosen.It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility: For his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided by the tender hand of the Unseen. ” If i was ever to compose my own bitter potion yes, it would be made of Saturn and Chiron.

GENERAL MEANING FOR SATURN IN SCORPIO: On a soul level so much will rise from the depths: resentments, secrets, sober realities, woundedness, patterns of abuse, themes about sex and intimacy, power and control.

On a practical, material level our focus will be on enhancing our sense of financial safety and sharing of our resources with others.Growing of our finances will be tested and anything that is not providing long lasting security as you expected will be trimmed and tidied. The star signs which will experience transit of Saturn in Scorpio strongest are fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius but with astrology there is never such a clear cut possible, depending on the unique placement of other 9 planets in your birth chart you too could be experiencing influence of  this planetary wave!!!!

Transiting Saturn is a 2 to 2 & 1/2 year cycle and takes 28-30 years to travel around the entire zodiac. Saturn  will stay in sign of Scorpio until September 17, 2015.The last cycle of transiting Saturn in Scorpio was from November 30, 1982 to November 17, 1985.



~♥ Home from Home ♥~

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Celebrating today my 12th year of living in Ireland. I never planned moving to this green oasis yet it is one of the BEST things which happened to me. This always reminds me to be open to unknown opportunity, intelligent workings of mysterious universe often knows better then we do what is best for us! For me this was sweet liberation from the invisible imprisoning walls of tribal living. At the time I had transit of Pluto in my 3td house trining my Venus in (7th house) and sexstiling my Pluto  in (1th house) and I moved together with my partner. Transiting Jupiter was in my  9th  house and creating temporary T-square with my Venus in (7th house) and  my Pluto  in (1th house).
I choose to live by choice not by chance.
I choose to make changes, instead of having an apology.
I choose to be motivated not manipulated.
I choose to be useful, not used.
I choose self-esteem, no self-pity.
I choose to excel, not compete.
I choose to listen to the voice within, and not the opinion of random people.
I chose to live and exist.
I am.
From the Movie: Far Side of The World, Master and Commander
Photo: HOME FROM HOME ♥ Celebrating today my 12th year of living in Ireland. I never planned moving to this green oasis yet it is one of the BEST things which happened to me. This always reminds me to be open to unknown opportunity, intelligent workings of mysterious universe often knows better then we do what is best for us! For me this was sweet liberation from the invisible imprisoning walls of tribal living. I choose to live by choice not by chance. I choose to make changes, instead of having an apology. I choose to be motivated not manipulated. I choose to be useful, not used. I choose self-esteem, no self-pity. I choose to excel, not compete. I choose to listen to the voice within, and not the opinion of random people. I chose to live and exist. I am. From the Far Side of The World, Master and Comander


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  It is a while since I did any updates on my journey which inspired by symbolisms of      Pluto I  named ~ from Dusk till Dawn ~ no updates it doesn’t mean it was  silent, in contrary there is plenty of tempered action with occasional hot spring  geezers erupting. One of the Gifts bestowed by transiting Pluto is soul-courage, a steely  sort of bravery that is deeper and more self-affirming when facing life than anything  gusty Mars can muster. Martian courage often mixes in a little bravado with its  boldness, and is thus ego-vulnerable. Consciously living an authentic life qualifies as  an act of utmost Plutonian courage, because it often requires that we willingly defy  social dictated that most people seldom feel driven to rebel against, much less  question and there you go it turns out it is part of life path to DEFY and THRIVE. When  we re-emerge-assuming that our tour of our interior affair went well and that we freely  ate of the forbidden fruit of insight offer by Pluto-we can radiate a self possessed power  that even our ego cant manage to sabotage. The drastic, non-compromising measures  that Pluto urges us to take when intent on action is driven by evolutionary necessity to  ensure eternal life by keeping that fundamental spark of life going strong.LET THE  While passing by in Dublin one day I have spotted this memorial sculpture housing eternal flame and thought of my darling Pluto  From Bill Tierney and Alive and Well with Pluto! *2 years ago transiting Jupiter has kick started my Venus(7 house)-Pluto(first house) opposition by conjucting my Venus, while transiting  Pluto was  hovering within 2 degrees and forming T-square, first exact T square with my Venus-Pluto opposition started In February 2013.