Avoidance, Escapism, Responsibility and Mars in Pisces conjuct Neptun

By Stella Vegas On January 18, 2015 Under Astrology

1487259_913021005388795_4202357561646392436_n  AVOIDANCE, ESCAPISM, RESPONSIBILITY ~As transiting Mars in Pisces is  conjucting with Neptun today on 18. January 2015 and there is also receiving square from Saturn in Sagittarius, avoidance, escapism and responsibility are some themes building up over last few days.From few massive examples from my own life experiences ( my Moon, Mars in Pisces is square Neptune) and other peoples stories it seems as there can be many life situations where what we avoid and escape most to do, is in fact what we should precisely often do for optimal stretch and growth.
Avoidance and escapism are Piscean favourite strategies not just created by fearful response but there can be also sense of strong dislike and frustration with certain person or life circumstance and all this being nicely wrapped up in refusal to meet reality of life in the given moment and take responsibility(Saturn) for our positive evolving. We are often tempted to take a road of less resistance and escape the call of responsibility for creating our own life.
If you are born in mutable star sign Gemini,Virgo,Sagittarius, Pisces or if you have other planets within 0 to 8 degrees in mutable signs, asking yourself following questions might be helpful in gaining more clarity in your life at the moment,harness the power of Saturn and break the chains that have been binding you.

What are you avoiding facing? What do you know but wont fully admit to yourself? What do you fear discovering about yourself or others? What would happen if you saw the way out of your dilemma? If you had the answer, what would it be?
~ ❤ ~
“Responsibility makes you grow up. You become more and more responsible for every action, for every thought, for every feeling. It makes you crystallized. It takes away all the chains that have been binding you”. Osho

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