MAGIC ALCHEMY OF ASTROLOGY AND NLP !

“You are the Universe joyfully expressing itself in human form”.  

Eckhart Tolle

NLP is of the most powerful and effective “change technologies” that exist today.When NLP and Psychological Astrology get together they create even more POWERFUL  RESULTS!


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is ‘the study of the structure of subjective experience’. It explores HOW we think and HOW we behave. It allows you to discover what’s going on when you are doing something well and not doing something well. It allows you to find out how other people do things effectively. It shows you the difference that makes a difference. People have used NLP to improve their lives in many different ways.NLP is fast becoming one of the most sought tools of human enhancement and performance improvement that has ever been known. Science Digest describes it as ‘the most important synthesis of information available today about human communication’.It was created and developed in the early 1970’s by Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Together they studied the most effective therapists at that time. From this, they formulated a methodology whereby they began to understand how these therapists were so effective and how to model other elements and contexts of human behavior excellence.


 birth chart acts as an X-ray of a person’s consciousness; it shows the inner workings. A birth chart reveals the mental and emotional processes that constitute the psychic structure. It can assist the therapist in understanding the intrapsychic dynamics that underlie the presenting challenges and enables the therapist to more completely support the client’s efforts at changing emotional, cognitive, and behavioral patterns. Birth chart operates like a schematic or flow chart that shows you where the parts are and how they are connected to each other.

The imminent Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung recognized the vast potential available through astrology as a tool for exploring the seemingly bottomless depths of the human psyche. Jung had tremendous respect for the principles of astrology and asserted that astrology had a great deal to contribute to psychology. He employed astrological understandings frequently in his analytic work with clients.

In difficult cases, Jung would draw up a natal chart in order to have another vantage point from which to view his client’s conditions. In 1948, he’s quoted as saying, “I must say, that I very often found that the astrological data elucidated certain points which I otherwise would have been unable to understand.”

A natal chart tells the whole story of family patterns, relationship dynamics and the karmic reasons for these conditions so that the person more easily overcomes feeling victimized and can instead realize how empowering free will is. Once you realize that you chose the conditions in your life you are immediately transformed from victim to victor and can live the life you were meant to live in peace, harmony and prosperity.


It is a new pioneering field which is shifting our boundaries of thinking in term’s of what is possible in terms of accelerated human self development. The very strength of NLP is also its chief weakness. It doesn’t have a lot of theory. It is a collection of techniques which are incredibly fast and therapeutically effective with profound results gained in a pain-free and simple way. It is a very practical approach to what actually works in the real world, rather than the academic theoretical approach that tries to explain how it should work according to ideas which are usually nominalizations.  What NLP does not have is an actuall visual  symbolic map of the parts. NLP talks about the parts as if they were just a useful imaginary construct. This is not true. They are real. You can call them parts/planets/centers/chakras/multiple personalities/traits or whatever, but these energies are real and they exist. Astrology is the map of the parts or as I like to say in NLP language it is a map of YOUR MODEL OF THE WORLD. It tells you who the parts are, how they operate, where they operate, who they operate with, how they are connected,  when they operate, and for how long. It gives you the big picture. Without the map, as coach you are working in the dark and you are going to make mistakes.

Using the Map of Parts helps enormously my strategy as a therapist. I see the big picture. I can see if a problem is long-term (state) or short-term (trait). If the problem is temporary, I can see how long it will last, what its positive intention is, and which other parts are supporting or sabotaging. I am able to see in just seconds the overall direction of the person’s life and their chief purpose and destination. I am able to see which problems are just the price to pay to be true to the self (acceptance, positive intention, and reframe), which ones are the result of conditioning and expectation (unnecessary suffering reaching for the not-self) and so much more, it is endless. CHECK THIS LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION ON TRANSFORMATIONAL LIFE COACHING: http://www.astrologyontheweb.org/trasformational-life-coaching


“Highest purpose of Astrology goes far behind daily horoscopes or fortunetelling,  its purpose is not to limit us by giving prediction but to help us  reach our full  individual potentional and live a balanced and  fulfilled life”. Stella Vegas