You can harness immediately tremendous benefits for accelerated growth and transformation which comes with this generously 120 minutes long consultation .Now is the best time to be few steps ahead and to find out what is the future highlighting for you.You’ll get a clear, helpful, and uplifting understanding of your life potential as well as a look forward to the next few year’s major events, changes and opportunities and some of these powerful benefits are outlined below…..


Make your move when the time is right
Know when to hold back and wait
Choose a favorable date in advance
Avoid problematical outcomes
Increase your chances of having a positive outcome
Learn how to navigate best through periods of crisis

First part of the consultation is devoted to understanding your present situation and perhaps last few years and exploring your present and past life experiences is helpful in the process of gaining lasting clarity and making informed and wise choices to move successfully forward in your life. We will also discuss your strengths and challenges, your reigning needs and desires and we will create easy and powerful strategies for fulfillment and maximum growth. The consultation is always two-way live communication and you are welcome and encouraged to ask questions at any time.

Second part of the consultation is devoted to projecting time forward and working on your next 12 months with more detail and briefly exploring your next 2 to 5 years, discussing future developments, meaning and timing of your upcoming most important events and life experiences. My focus is as always on delivering you true remarkable value and in this second part I masterfully wave major planetary transits, secondary progressions and lunations to deliver you a true wealth of information.

I typically cover all major life questions you might have in these life areas:

Relationship and love dynamics
Money matters, career transitions and success & achievement
Self-understanding, spiritual development
Life direction, clarity
Children, family matters, friendships
Relocation, travel

Looking forward to connect with you and to arrange your session please follow this link http://eepurl.com/HuWOf, fill out your information, submit the form and I will get back in touch via e-mail to arrange our session! 

~ ♥ ~ “The world is magic when your eyes are open to the love and beauty inherent in every moment. All becomes clear. The essence is having the courage to believe in love, and expect the best …. and in gently allowing the unfolding of your true magical, powerful, beautiful self” ~ ♥ ~

Sophie Morris