About Stella Vegas

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I have  always felt a true desire to help people and to make a difference in their lives. Nothing is more gratifying than to know that I have assisted someone in lighting up their life and seeing themselves more empowered to take   powerful steps forward.  I work as professional astrologer since 1995 and I have specialized in astro-psychology, forecasting  and transformational life coaching. I have abundance of  work experience and I like to say that I am masterful in astrology consultations for all types of  life challenges.  Few words more about my style of consultation and benefits for you.  As an ancient wisdom from Hermes says ” As Above so below”  it is not because you were born at a certain place or time that you react to influences, but the influences of that moment and that place in space reflect your character and therefore your destiny. An understanding of planetary picture at the time of our birth, now and in the future allows us to take life into our hands and intelligently utilize what we have been given  as we live out our destinies here on Earth.  

“Were all pilgrims on the same journey-but some pilgrims have better road maps.”

Nelson Demille

I view astrology as a tool that helps you understand and utilize few important things: 1.the time cycles mechanisms operating in your life  2. patterns of experience which you will be inclined to meet through your lifetime 3. your tendencies and potentials. Understanding and utilizing time cycles will help you to  focus your talents and energies in the right direction at the right time  so that you can make the most informed decisions possible, and utilize the possibilities of the time period to its maximum. I analyze when things will shift and in what way. I am well known for being laser accurate with the time cycles. My consultations are always interactive  and we  identify together your tendencies, potentials  and patterns of experience. If they are challenging  patterns which may be blocking your way we discover how you can shift them and I pinpoint where opportunities are opening to do so  and how you can capitalize on them. One of the secrets to successful living is to learn to utilize all which occurs in your life to your advantage and to  drive you powerfully  forward and astrology is destined to be the prime source of incredible information which enables you to do just that.

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”
Theodore Roosevelt

I always evaluate planetary placements during this calendar year, last year, and next year in order to understand what you’ve been through, where you are now, and where you’re heading. The context is helpful in  the process of gaining lasting clarity and of building a more complete understanding of why you are where you are now, so that you can make informed choices and  go  successfully forward. I am bringing in valuable skills of coaching expertise to each and every astrological session,  this is a valuable  skill which other astrologers are mostly missing. Combining astrological perspectives with life coaching skills and spiritual approach creates powerful alchemy for  your personal change and insight. I have been privileged to work  with clients from all around the world: Croatia, Ireland, UK, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Australia and  other countries. My clients come from all walks of life and they seek my guidance on all major life questions.

1.      Astrology:

  • relationship and love dynamics
  • money issues, career transitions and success & achievement
  • self-understanding, spiritual development
  • life direction, clarity
  • education
  • children and family matters
  • relocation, travel
From 2009 I have super charged my skills with transformational  life coaching, master neuro-linguistics (NLP)  and hypnotherapy. My life has never been the same since first being exposed to these tools and my greatest hope is that you discover that the same holds true for you. I have successfully coached people from all around the world and  below are some of the examples where transformational life coaching  with me can bring  for you lasting positive breakthroughs.
2. Transformational Life Coaching
    • Clarity, Direction In Life
    • Achievement, Effectivnes
    • Spiritual and Personal Growth
    • Limiting believes and attitudes
    • Anxieties , Phobias, Fears, Nightmares
    • Addictions, Compulsions
    • Low self-confidence in any life situations
    • Anger, Stress, Procrastination,
    • Tiredness, Low-motivation, Depression
    • Stress Management and Balance
    • Relationships and Intimacy



“People destined to meet will do so, apparently by chance, at precisely the right moment”
 Ralph Waldo Emmerson