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Can your heart desires manifest at the speed rate you never thought it would be possible? Yes, they can! You have clarity about your desire (goal) and you made your commitment to make it happen, now ALL it takes is one more easy vital step.Instant action is one of the key ingredients for vibrant life abundant with fulfillment and achievement in all areas of your life. This vital step has amazing capacity to transform your experience of life like no other.Action is the most important of all powers in Success Principles. You may have all the knowledge in the world, but if you do not take any action and apply that knowledge, there is no use of it.

The formula is simple:INSTANT ACTION equals INSTANT RESULTS!


Visualization is an incredible tool for personal development.  There’s plenty to be said about the power of visualization and it  can be quite powerful in getting the very most out of yourself.Action is the most important of all powers in Success Principles. You may have all the knowledge in the world, but if you do not take any action and apply that knowledge, there is no use of it. I have explored the core nature of  successful, confident &  fast action and this powerful visualization for instant action will yield best results when applied to  your specific goal.You can read whole article here: http://www.astrologyontheweb.org/score-goals-like-super-champion-learn-how-from-the-best/

Before starting this visualisation  following is vital:

  • Your goal has to be personal, specific, measurable, stated in the positive, taking into consideration your well-being, well being of others. and as if in now. Write down by what date you would like to accomplish  your goal  in this format: It is now…………………………..(put in a future date by which you would like your goal to be accomplished in the blank)and write down  your final end picture of your goal.
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                        To find your final end picture ask yourself  few questions: what would need to happen so that you know you have accomplished your goal,  how you would know when you had it? Where are you, what are you doing and so on.

Best time to do regularly this easy, simple, short visualization process is in the morning before you leap into your new exciting day! Never underestimate power of something because it is simple. Consistent use of simple process is the best there can be! It will take only around 30 days for this to become automatic process. Be consistent with it and enjoy miraculous benefits! If at any time through this process you feel little bit stuck with thinking, feeling or visualizing some elements, it will be easy to tap back into the flow if you approach this as a play where you are only pretending and imagining. It is progress which counts, not perfection!


1.Our emotions are stored through our whole body and your optimal body posture is very important when invoking empowering positive emotions.
This is best done when standing up. Hold your body upright, with your head inclined at an upward angle as if you are looking towards a distant horizon. Pay special attention to keep your upper part of the body upright! Imagine now, you are the best, there is no past, no future only this very present moment of your full authentic power. You can feel supreme confidence and excellence shining and surging through your body! Place your right or left foot forward(which ever is more comfortable for you) as if you are about to enthusiastically JUMP START. Now notice, as you have put your foot forward , you have stepped into different kind of exciting reality. It is a vibrant reality where your goals are already fulfilled! Notice how are you holding your body now and you have found the posture of  confident winner!


2.Now swiftly think of your goal you desire. Imagine now vividly and ASSOCIATE FULLY to  experience of already having the outcome-your final end picture (fully associated means experience of having achieved your outcome and seeing what you want through your own eyes, as well as hearing, touching, moving,smelling and tasting your  outcome as if it were happening in your present experience) and notice how are you feeling, what does this mean to you, where are you and what are you doing.

Move your eye sight slightly up and visualize in front of you large, bright, vibrant, color rich images  of your goal, almost like a three dimensional movie, keep on changing images swiftly and stack those powerful feelings on top of the intense desire and fearless spirit! Observe positive shifts taking place in your mind and body and harness those for instant, effortless and focused action to score your goals incredibly! And here are you now, making new powerful connections even without having to think about it consciously.

This next step is not absolutely essential but it will add tremendous effectivnes to the process when you implement it and very important it will add element of FUN! Did you ever come across one song which puts you in an positive, dynamic, action frame of mind! If you have, great, use it with purpose and together with above 1-2 steps and you will access your positive empowering resources  very easy! Music is creative force which has the ability to easily influence and alter our internal states(both positively or negatively).“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”  Plato



3. NLP anchoring is a brilliant way to access positive emotions on demand within moments. When you create an NLP anchor you set up a pattern stimulants response so that you can feel the way you want to, whenever you need to. To create an anchor I would recommend choosing a knuckle.  Anchor only little bit before the peak of  your feeling of confident instant action and press with your finger your chosen spot and as soon as the positive resourceful state starts to loose intensity  release your finger.   This may take a bit of practice, but you’ll get it within a couple of tries. Last step is breaking of your state by placing your focus on  something else.  It is vital to always use the same anchor spot for anchoring of confident instant action and voila soon you will be able to utilize this powerful state of confident, instant action whenever you need it  simply by just pressing your chosen knuckle. To summaries the steps:

1. choose a knuckle.

2.press with your finger your chosen knuckle only little bit before the peak of  your feeling of confident instant action   and as soon as the positive resourceful state starts to loose intensity  release your finger

3. break your state by thinking about something else, like for example the weather.

You can read whole article here: http://www.astrologyontheweb.org/score-goals-like-super-champion-learn-how-from-the-best/

 LETS GET STARTED INSTANTLY !!! Imagine how much would your  life transform  for the BETTER as your abiliity to take rapid action expands!!!  PRINT OUT  THE  INSTRUCTIONS  FOR THIS POWERFUL INSTANT ACTION VISUALIZATION AND LETS DO IT NOW!


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